1927 – New Fragrance By Floris

FRAGRANCE FRIDAY – 1927 – New Fragrance By Floris

Following the successful 2016 launch of The Fragrance Journals the series continues with a fragrance exploring London in 1927. An era of fluidity finding resolve again and a social history interspersed with characters defined by their past and the potential of their future. A unisex, citrus floral fragrance of sparkling character.

1927 - New Fragrance By Floris

1927 is a fragrance bursting with creativity. As the jazz age blossomed an eclectic set of young socialites flourished in an era of irresponsibility and pleasure. Known as the BrightYoungThings, an invented generation of aristocrats, middle class adventurers and bohemian artists who threw off their shackles and indulged in what was created as ‘youth culture’.

Beyond the frivolity and excess of bohemian 1920s, a collective of London artists and social commentators, many who were characterised as part of the set, began turning this era into subject matter. 1927 Eau de Parfum, plays homage to the creatives, artists, playwrights and authors who went beyond the triviality and documented a moment in time.

A sparkling floral citrus fragrance bringing to mind the elegance, opulence and glamour of the twenties, ‘1927’ opens with decadent shimmering aldehydes balanced with a burst of zesty bergamot and hints of mandarin.These top notes are then accompanied by a voluptuous floral heart of violet in homage to a Beaton quote referencing Floris, ylang ylang, and narcissus with mimosa, all adding depth and complexity. ‘1927’ concludes with the rich, sensual base notes of musk, amber, patchouli and vanilla.

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