Astrological Footprint by Claudia Vannini – December 14th, 2017

In today’s daily horoscope…

When we feel the Lunar Node pressed, as soon as 11:30 AM GMT, we retreat. We do this by understanding. The desire to throw everything up is big. Even so, there is in us a voice that calms down and begs for patience. Late work is demanded with vehemence. There is no room for justification. In this area of collections, we can include those related to personal life and also to finances. Taxes, fees, financing, and loans are charged and the ideal is to try to pay.

The Waning

#Moon allows for lower interest rates. It does not stop there. At Midnight Pluto raises themes and puts everything on the table. The Moon in Scorpio does not deny its fame. Collaborate and revive themes of the past. Old loves reappear. Families discuss dead and buried topics. Sentimental moments without effective results. Fast-paced diets. Authorities in the spotlight.

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