Style Cartel Astrological Footprint Horoscopes August 20th,2017

Astrological Footprint  August 20th,2017

Effusive horoscopes for  Sunday. Moon, Sun, Mars, Uranus, Lunar Node and Saturn in fire signs. Jupiter and Mars raise our confidence and we feel that everything is in our hands.

August 20th,2017

The climax of this mood occurs at 6:40 PM GMT. and continues until 6 AM GMT on Monday. We have strength, courage, determination, and confidence. Self-esteem is high. In the evening, be gentle in the way you talk.

Some demands may come from harsh words. Rest and avoid meditation and yoga, do not exercise and maintain a light diet. The more natural the better. Avoid toxins of all kinds and open up for the big transformation: the Solar Eclipse on Monday in Leo. You will go through 6 months of changes.

If you do not know what your sign will feel, go to Monthly Horoscope

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