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 Footprint The Week of  July 17th 2017

Today’s horoscopes with the Moon remains solitary in Taurus. We have problems all day. Incidents, irritation, recklessness and affective disillusionment. What to do? Click the “Life goes on” button. Venus, Neptune, Uranus and Mars create this strange and heavy day.


The Week Ahead Horoscopes

A YOD, the Finger of God, is formed at dawn between Monday and Tuesday. Promises are broken and hearts are hurt. When the sky is complicated, here on Earth we test our degree of Evolution. Wisdom, patience and compassion sanitize the remnants of thoughts. Revolt, anger and revenge feed the pain. Good thing it’s only one day. The week has great moments after 8AM GMT on Tuesday. Let us look at what lies ahead, as we yearn for the approaching New Moon. #GEMINI and #LEO live a good day.

#TUESDAY, 18th, go slowly until 11AM GMT. Sunset is a good time to make money.

#WEDNESDAY, 19th, excellent day for finances and good ideas.

#THURSDAY, 20th, moment with courage and more fun until September 05th.

#FRIDAY, 21st, schedule appointments after 1:30 PM GMT. Personal healing day.

#SATURDAY, 22nd, enjoy the day until 8PM GMT. Sun enters Leo.

#SUNDAY, 23rd, New Moon in Leo, Sun and Mars in Leo. Bold phase in the Fire Element. A good day afternoon.

#LOVE With disillusionment on the 17th, but with excellent opportunities after the 18th. Active sexual life and full heart in affection. Have a good time!

#Alert of violence for the Planet on 17,18,22 and 23 July.

#FERTILITY on the 23rd of July.



Be happy on Earth NAMASTE

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