15 Sizzling Hot Makeup Trends for the Summer of 2019

by Charlotte Smith
15 Sizzling Hot Makeup Trends for the Summer of 2019

One of the nicest things about summer is a nearly effortless makeup routine. Beachy waves, bronzy skin, and sunburned pink cheeks… that’s really all you need to pull it off. However, if you get the urge to go for the glam this summer, there are several smoking hot makeup trends that are worth giving a try.

From lip gloss straight out of the 90s to turquoise eyeliner, these summer of 2019 looks can be adapted entirely to suit your style- from subtle to dramatic. Read on for 15 sizzling hot makeup trends your face needs this summer!

Smudgy Neon Eyes

Even if you don’t wear makeup often, you can still pull off this relaxed, trendy eye look. Simply pack some neon pigment on your lid and smudge it out toward your eyebrow. Blend well at the crease. If you want a subtler look, you can skip the smudging.

Cat Eye 2.0

The overdrawn cat eye we’re seeing on celebs like Shay Mitchell this summer is all about glam and a razor-sharp wing that comes to a point on each end. Start by overdrawing the line, then do some blending at the inner corner. Tone the look down with matte, neutral toned cut crease to make the look wearable, instead of costume-y. Peripera Smoothie Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner from Peach & Lily makeup is ideal for creating this look.

Brushed Out Eyebrows

If you’ve got your heart set on that effortless summer vibe, skip everything else and focus on your brows. To achieve this look, start by brushing your brows up and out to add volume to your natural shape.  Even better? You can put your tweezers away and enjoy the fluff. A little volumizing gel will give the volume you’re looking for.

Bright Lower Lash Line

Are you ready for a little teal or turquoise eyeliner? Start by lining your lower lash line with color and then follow up with some black liner over the top. Accentuate your lashes with a few layers of mascara to balance out the brightness.

Eye Shadow as Highlighter

Haile Beiber sported this look at the 2019 Met Gala… along with her statement thong. If you look closely at her cheeks, you’ll see she’s wearing a pink highlight. It’ dusted along her brow bone, too. Try the look with any glowy shadow or highlighter for a sizzling hot summer look.

Coral-y Smokiness

Coral-y Smokiness

Coral eyes may not be everyone’s idea of sexy, but celebs like Jackie Aina are on a mission to change your opinion. By smoking out the outer crease with some black shadow, they’ve taken coral eyes from a girly makeup look to ultra-sexy glam this summer.

Lilac Eyelids

Pastel eyeshadow has been out since the 80s, but it’s seeing a new found popularity in the summer of 2019. Choose a floral tinted eyeshadow and sweep it on your lids for a casual, bright, fun summer look.

Contrasting Eyeliners

Aquamarine eyeliner is all over Instagram right now, but Camila Mendes has taken the look to a whole new level. She added a bright neon inner corner to amp up this trendy look for the summer.

White Winged Liner and Nails

White nails and white-winged liner are a super popular combo this summer. Draw on a white wing in the daytime and glam it up at night by drawing a black line on top. It’s the perfect trendy look for a girls’ night out.

Dazzling Inner Eye Corners

This beautiful look has been seen on the gorgeous Madelaine Petsch. It starts with a nearly bare face, defined brows, and dramatic lashes. Add a touch of diamond-bright shimmery shadow at the inner eye corners for an eye-catching pop.

Bronzy Metallic Eyelids

Since summer is the time for no-makeup, makeup looks and summery glow, heavy metals might feel like a bit too much. If you want this glam look without looking overdone, try a bronzy metallic lid instead of gold. The rusty tone is a real eye brighter, and the look is sultry and sexy, without being too much.

Frosty Lip Gloss

Frosty lip gloss was big in the 1990s, and it’s making a comeback for the summer of 2019. Line your lips with a dark nude liner, top it off with a frosty lip gloss, and then blend the two together. The look could come off as outdated or tacky, so be sure to keep the rest of your face subtle and neat, so it looks retro, not old.

Berry-Stained Lips

You know that sexy summer look your lips get when you suck on a red popsicle? That’s what you’re going for with this look. All you need is a berry colored lip tint. Leave the rest of your face naked but do your lashes and brows for definition. You’ll wind up with a natural, beachy look that’s perfect for summer.

Bring on the Rosy Glow

This trend is set to be huge this summer, and celebs everywhere are embracing it. Use the same pink shade on your lids, lips, and cheeks for a full-face rosy summer glow.

Low-Key Neon

Winged liner can be too pinup for some, but Kylie Jenner changed things up in two seconds and gave the look a modern twist that’s summery at the same time. To achieve this look yourself, do your winged liner, then dust a bit of neon pigment on your inner eye corners to step into 2019.

Rainbow Eyeshadow

Put away your neutral shadow for a while. Summer calls for color, and there’s nothing subtle about this look. Dust on your shadow in a rainbow of colors for an unforgettable look. After all, why pick only one color when they can all look so pretty together on your eyelids. It looks more complicated than it really is. All you have to do is place the shades you love in concentrated areas on your lid, then blend them out slightly with a fluffy brush.

These sizzling hot summer looks are all pretty easy to achieve. Tone them down or glam them up to suit your look. Either way, your sure to turn some heads in the summer of 2019!

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