Perfume Ideas for Christmas

by Sabah Mansour

The holiday series articles continue ! Today, I am going to give you three gift ideas for your loved ones. As you can see from the picture, this article is all about perfumes. I do have a lot of perfumes, but the ones that I am going to present you are my favorites.

Amber, PRADA

This perfume is not new, but it never got old in my opinion. It has a very specific scent to it, and you are going to fall for it I am sure. This fragrance is very subtle and noticeable at the same time. Out ot the three perfumes I am going to talk about, this one is the most feminine one.


Le Parfum, Resort Collection, ELIE SAAB

Elie Saab is my favorite designer of all time. A few years ago, when he launched his perfume collection, I knew I had to try it. I have two perfumes of his, and both are very magnificent.

I chose this particular one, the Resort Collection, because I bought it recently. The packaging is gorgeous, with this blue glass, and the scent is even more.



This perfume doesn’t even need an introduction. I think a lot of people have heard of it, and it’s understandable. This scent is very specific to the brand, I am pretty sure that you won’t find any other fragrance that smells like this one.


The perfume market is very profitable during the holidays. Sephora has already started selling box sets for Christmas, so go for it ! The prices are for the most part lower than usual, it is the perfect time to buy perfumes.

Since a perfume is not an easy purchase, you can always ask for samples at Sephora to try them out, before buying them. That’s what I love about Sephora, having perfume samples, because it’s so small you can throw it in your bag, and because it allows you to test it for a few days before making the purchase decision.

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