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So, inevitably, I’m sure that you know by now, that one of the most talked about celebrations, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Some girls chose the dress, some even went on to plan the matching shoes or the coat, but for me, first things first, let’s talk lingerie. Even though personally I am not a fan of this whole ‘celebration’, I do enjoy being dressed up in fancy (or on lazy days, at least matching) lingerie, and this day will not be an exception. Usually, a good looking and comfortable outfit makes us feel good and more confident about ourselves and it all starts with wearing the perfect bra. That’s why California-based lingerie brand Thirdlove is here to help us find exactly that.

A great bra feels good and makes you look better than ever, but let’s face it. Getting fit for a new bra isn’t exactly fun. Their solution? They created patented technology that lets us find the perfect size at home, no awkward measuring or dressing room moments required. It’s as simple as an iPhone app, and it’s empowered thousands of women to become better bra shoppers. According to them, all this app data revealed a pattern. They realized that traditional bra sizing wasn’t serving countless women whose breast sizes weren’t «standard», whatever that means. So they invented half sizes, and they took upon themselves a new mission, and set out to design bras that would really fit real women. No matter what your plans for Valentine’s Day are, there is a perfect fit out there for everyone.

We got to thinking about how a great fitting bra is essential to putting together the perfect outfit for the occasion. But have you ever thought about about how your bra fits your personality? Thirdlove created a fun Valentine’s Day bra personality quiz in the form of a graphic! It touches on hobbies, date nights, and music, ultimately leading to which kind of bra fits your personality! Let’s discover it together!

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