12 days of christmas | Day 8 | ­­­­Rituals gift sets

12 days of christmas | Day 8 | ­­­­Rituals gift sets

by Sabah Mansour

So far, I only talked about makeup. It’s about time I talk about skin care and body care. I want to talk about this brand that I recently discovered : Rituals.

Rituals is a cosmetic brand socially and ecologically responsible. They’ve been around since 2000s. Their products are wide, you can buy cosmetics, home products, teas etc.


As the name say, every product you use is a ritual. The gift sets are really nice, and you can find anything you want. From relaxing to refreshing rituals, the choice is yours. They also are affordable, you can buy a shower mousse for 4,50 euros. So, you can imagine the prices of the gift sets. Trust me, anyone you will offer those to will be happy. Think about the after-holidays where we will need to relax, the Rituals products are a must-have.


The Ritual of Sakura
Coffret Discovery Set 24,90 €


The Ritual of Samurai
Coffret Refreshing Treat 19,90 €


The Ritual of DAO
Coffret Calming Ritual 29,90€


The Ritual of Ayurveda
Coffret Balancing Ritual 29,90 €

You can either order this brand at Sephora or in their website.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think about this brand !

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