12 Days of Christmas | Day 3 | Diamond Mosaic Blanket

Continuing with our Christmas Extravaganza we have a gorgeous wool blanket.  The amazing diverse colour selections and mosaic diamond print are breathtaking.  This would be the perfect gift for a mom, friend, or really anyone who you want to help stay warm this winter.  It can be worn several different ways, which makes for the ultimate unique and perfect gift.

The scarf can be bought at Aritzia, where you can find other chic gift ideas.  I personally have this scarf, and am absolutely obsessed with it.  Wear it as an outfit completer when folded in a triangle and draped over your shoulders like a cape.  You can also wrap it around your neck for the ultimate cozy and chic scarf.  The wool makes it very thick and warm, without having that itch.  The scarf is also reversible (I know amazing), and who doesn’t need a giant scarf as a staple in their wardrobe?

My personal favourite is to dress it up with leather pants, chelsea boots, oversized white button down, and leather jacket.  When you have this outfit and throw the scarf on top as a cape, it adds the ultimate finishing touch.  Get the scarf for any women in your life, so it can keep them warm when you can’t.

Favourite Colours:



Chocolate/ Pale Blue:

Camel/Pale Blue:


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