12 days of Christmas | Day 2 | Louboutin from lips to nails


Ah Louboutin, it wasn’t enough that their shoes are to die for, Christian Louboutin had to amaze us with a beauty range of products. Today, I present you the most beautiful products I have ever seen in my entire life. Not only is the packaging stunning, but the quality is also high (which isn’t surprising, it is C. Louboutin after all).

I had the pleasure to try out some products, and let’s just say that I loved them. I could go on and on for years raving about these products, but I won’t. I am pretty sure all of you know the nail polishes and the lipsticks I am about to review are really good.


The packaging really stroke me, it is completely unconventional. Who would’ve thought about this long handle, mimicking a shoe heel ? Only Louboutin obviously. I have tried four colors, from nude to dark purple, and I couldn’t pick a favorite.


I really love dark nails, so the dark purple one called « Lova »  was my first try, the application is really easy and the brush manageable. I am honestly really bad at applying nail polish, it is always far from being perfect. But I managed to make the application tolerable.

The nude one is a stunning color, perfect for a bride. The color is really natural, yet noticeable. If you are the type of women who likes it neutral, this color named « Tutulle »  is the right one for you.

With the holidays approaching, I had to try out a red one, « Edgypopi ». I was pleasantly surprised by this one because for me, all the red polishes are the same. Not this one. The color is unique, it is red with a tint of orange. It is feminine, elegant but also daring and bold.

Pink is usually not my color when it comes to my nails, because I always find the shades trop barbie-ish. I do have pink pastels in my collection though and I love them. I honestly didn’t think I would love this one called « Bengali ». This is a really vibrant pink that reminds me of fresh flower roses. I would gladly wear this color again.


I must warn you, the packaging is so INCREDIBLE you might faint.

Look at these gorgeous gold cases, they remind me of a really fancy key chain. I am obsessed ! I was already conquered and I hadn’t seen the colors yet !



I am what you can call a neutral gal when it comes to my lips. I rarely wear dark shades because I am too lazy for that. Nude is always my go-to shade.


So without a surprise, my favorite shade was « Loubeach ». It is a gorgeous neutral shade with a slight orange undertone. It gives a lovely polished look without making it too intense.

« Pluminette » is a really pretty pink. Again, I am normally not a fan of this shade because it doesn’t suit my complexion. I used it on a girl with pale skin, and the color was perfect for her !

Like « Lova » up there, « Ronron » is a dark purple shade. It is (yes you guessed it) stunning ! This color can suit many skintone, from light to dark skin, you can pull this color off trust me ! If you want to change the regular red lips for the holidays, I suggest you try this one.


You now have plenty of ideas to spoil your loved one for Christmas, all of these products will make anyone happy.

Special thanks to Louboutin Beauty for collaborating with us to provide our readers these reviews.

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