12 Cool Body Jewellery Trends to Follow in Spring 2019

by Charlotte Smith
12 Cool Body Jewellery Trends to Follow in Spring 2019

 Body Jewellery Trends to Follow in 2019

Fashion is everywhere today, targeting every niche whether it is professional or casual. Every age bracket treasures to get dressed like a fashionista. And for looking modish, they pair complementing jewellery and accessories with the outfits, according to the occasion they are heading.

12 Cool Body Jewellery Trends to Follow in Spring 2019

Every year we perceive the latest updated trends of fashion on the runways, where models take charge and flaunt every aspect related to the term fashion with grace. In 2019, body jewellery and body piercing jewellery is going to be a big hit and here we rounded up assorted body jewellery which you will love to opt for making a style statement:

Body chains

Encircle the upper part of your body with beautiful assorted body jewellery like chains, makes you look like an erogenous chic. You can adorn them on blouses or camisoles for an elegant look.

12 Cool Body Jewellery Trends to Follow in Spring 2019

Ear trinkets

Ear piercing is the most loved and religiously followed trend by both the sexes. And why not, as the market is full of ear fashion jewellery like hoops, ear cuffs, studs, drop earrings and many more to choose from according to your personality and style.

Eyebrow jewelry

Enhance the beauty of your gorgeous eyes by opting for eyebrow piercing and flaunt beautiful eyebrow fashion jewelry on the outer fringe of the eyebrow. You have a variety of options to pick from to embrace your new look like rings, curved barbells, etc.

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Ankle bracelets

Beautifully adorn your foot’s ankle with ankle bracelets which are also known as ankle chains and ankle strings. And like bracelets, you get a variety of designs in these also.

Belly Charms

Want to add sassiness to your style then try sexy belly button rings, barbells, chains, etc. Yes, this body jewelry is not new but practiced from ancient times. Nowadays new trends are merged with ancient style like a tattoo with naval piercing for a unique and appealing look.

Tongue jewels

The barbell is the popular tongue jewelry design, worn on the center of the tongue. For variety, the end of the barbells are designed in different shapes.

Foot jewelry

Give a more decorative and attention-grabbing look to your feet by adorning them with jewelry like toe ring and feet chains.

Lips knick-knacks

One of the coolest fashion trends is lip jewelry trend which effortlessly makes you look unique. Two popular lips jewelry styles are labret and hoop studs.

Legs jewelry

A network of chains peeping out from the edge of the short skirts and fall over the leg in a graceful waterfall pattern, makes you look highly trendy chic.

12 Cool Body Jewellery Trends to Follow in Spring 2019

Septum rings

Other than the sides of nostrils, a septum piercing jewelry is also in trend this season. So make a cool fashion statement by wearing a ring or a circular barbell in the septum.

Chokers but with a little update

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As far as design went, chokers style jewelry is getting updated and loved by all age groups. In 2019, chokers are not choking the neck instead designed a bit lose which lies on the collar bone.

Bumpy bracelets  

Chunky bracelets are so catchy that they immediately catch the attention of many. So, emphasize your delicate wrist by picking one from the plethora of bracelets.

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