NYFW Fall 2014: Neckwear

There’s a new way to keep your neck warm this Fall and surprisingly it’s not a scarf. To be honest, how warm do those scarves keep your neck anyway? You’re lucky if they protect you from the 30mph wind chill we’ve sadly become accustomed to, let alone frost bite. But, thanks to fur (and faux [...]

Fabulously Fit| Moving Comfort

Over the last few months, we’ve been doing some pretty extreme workouts. Workouts that have us bouncing on trampolines, dropping for some burpees and planking till our abdominals beg for mercy. The only down side to working up a constant sweat is that every nook and cranny feels it. Feels it to the point your [...]

Lady Tech Tuesday| IDA by LELO

Out will the old, and in with new. According to research by LELO, since the much talked about novel 50 Shades of Grey ship has sailed, or at least until the film releases, couples are more interested in “longer-term investments” in the intimacy department. The survey has even coined the revolution as “Vanilla Revolution”, which [...]